Managers: Time-tracking of your employees

Time-tracking of employees is similiar to student attendance in a class: employees need to be at a certain place at a certain time. Youhere can help.

How? Managers draw a needed location on a map. Employees use the (free) app to check-in when and where needed. For the managers, Youhere has reports tailored for employee time-tracking as shown below.

Employee check-in calendars

Youhere compiles a calendar for each employee. Easy month-to-month scrolling will show the dates and times an employee tapped "check-in" on the app.

Reports with exact check-in times

Reports can be directed to show exact check-in times. These can be download to your local computer.

Easy output to Excel

Reports can be loaded into Excel for easy manipulation. Notice each cell has check-in times for a given person, on a given date.


  1. Make an account, then log in.
  2. Follow the on-screen directions for creating a new geofence-based check-in event.
  3. Instruct your employees to download the free app and enroll in your event.
  4. Employees can begin checking in/out as it relates to their shifts.
Done! Managers access reports through their Youhere account.