Take in-class votes with real-time reports

Your participants can use the Youhere app to vote "live" on a question you pose (during a class for example).

How it works

Start by clicking on the orange "More..." dropdown at the top of your class roster, and selecting "Take a vote."

Next, configure your vote. Multiple choice (A..E) and short answer votes are possible.

Configuring your vote.
When ready, turn the vote on (click the gray slider in #3). Your participants can now use the Youhere app to "tap-in" their vote.
Students getting ready to vote.
You can collect short answer or multiple choice inputs from your participants.
Students voting using the app.
Youhere will compile real-time results for you. (You could for example, bring your laptop to class to manage the vote and have immediate access to the results.)
Vote result in a bar graph.
In this case, it looks like A was the most popular answer, followed closely by C. Short answer results would be listed, one-by-one.