Core privacy option

Core privacy is a way using Youhere for attendance, without having the actual names of your particants stored on our server.

What it does

Youhere's convenience is undoubtedly the paperless check-ins with instant, online reports. Here's an example report showing the number of successful check-ins of a group of four:
A typical Youhere roster.
But you may have some privacy concerns, because to provide these reports, the names of your participants need to be stored on our server. We stand by our privacy policy, but we get it: you're still concerned, and your organization may even have rules about this.

What if you were able to totally anonymize your roster? That is, make the names of your participants look like a bunch of random codes that only you could decipher? It means the roster we store for you would not contain the actual names of your participants.

This is "core privacy" at Youhere: scrambling the names we store for you, to make them more-or-less worthless to anyone except you (see below). Here's how it works.

Anonymized Roster

To use core privacy, have your participants enroll in your event as usual. When done, bring up the roster, that shows all of their names. Next, click the orange "More" dropdown, and select an option called "Core privacy" as seen here:
A dropdown menu showing the core privacy menu option.
This will give you three ways of scrambling the names. One will scramble everyone's last name with a hash, like this:
An anonymized Youhere roster.
Another will hash the last name, and substitute each's first name with a random 5-letter word.
An anonymized Youhere roster.
A final option can put random 5-letter words in both their last and first names, and include the hash in the last name.
An anonymized Youhere roster.
So look at that! Your roster, as stored on our server, no longer contains any actual names.

How do I tell who is who?

To decipher your roster, you'll have to communicate with each participant somehow. Have them tap "More" then "Who am I?" on the Youhere app. Their hash will be shown:
A person
Each will need to tell you their hash, so you can compile a translation between hashes and actual names. This is the only way to decipher your roster. Since this hash exchange is only between you and them, your privacy is all under your control. We're not involved at all, and have no way of deciphering your roster.

Here's a translation we made for the roster shown here:
A written hash to student name mapping.
From a data-privacy perspective, your roster has lost all of its face-value. Afterall, what would an untrusted party really have, knowing that "yolks scene" checked-in 22 times?


A scrambled roster is a bit less convenient, but may allow you to feel more confident about using Youhere for your check-in needs.