Right to data deletion

You have the right for your data to be deleted from all Youhere services. Here are the possible scenarios:

The Youhere check-in app

  • Use your phone's functionality to delete the app from your phone (ex: iOS, tap and hold on an app icon). This will erase the app and all data associated with it.

Your check-in records

  • First contact your group leader. Your check-in records are stored in their roster at Youhere.org. They have a 'one-click' way of deleting your account, that includes your name and all of your check-in records.

  • We would prefer that you work with your group leader to delete your data, so as to abide by any policies your group leader may have set (and you may have agreed to), i.e. for course credit, grading, completion certificates, etc.
  • If there are any issues in deleting your data in this manner, then contact us. We will work with both parties to delete your data in a way that is satisfactory to all.

Group leaders

  • Contact us, and we will delete your account and all associated data (your log-in account, events, rosters, check-in data, etc.). We will first confirm that this is what you really want (as data deletion is irreversible). We will then make the deletions within 14-days of confirming your request.

Note: All data deletions are irreversible. We do not keep archival records of any data.