How to take attendance with Youhere

Be ready to take attendance in a few minutes. Here's how. (We also have a 1-page PDF available if you wish.)

  1. Start by making an account.

  2. Log in. A page will come up with a blue dropdown. Click it, then select "Create a map-based check-in" button.

  3. A new page will appear that will allow you to configure your attendance needs. This includes naming it (the "class code"), and setting any location and time/date requirements on the check-in. Click "Save."

  4. You'll be back on the page with the blue dropdown. Set "Allow new enrolls" to Yes and the "Attendance mode" to Normal.

  5. Have your participants install our app on their phones. They can find it at

  6. Using the app, your participants should enroll in your attendance event using the name (class code) you set in #3.

  7. Your participants may now use the app to check-in to your event, as per your check-in requirements set in #3.


Question? Email Tom at You can also reach us our Discord.


Do a quick solo test How to set up attendance taking

Taking attendance with Youhere takes two parts. The first has to do with administrative settings on this website, The second has to do with the app that your participants install on their phones.

With the website, you create an attendance event with some name, like my-check-in. Under this name, you'll use a map to locate the center-point (location) for your attendance. You'll also set an 'inclusion zone' around this center-point that defines an acceptable attendance region (sort of like a fence). You can also restrict check-ins to particular days or times.

With the app, (Apple App Store or Google Play) your participants will enroll in your attendance event using the name my-check-in using the app on their phones. After this, they may begin using the app to "check-in" to your event.

Here's some more details.