Want to know who showed up?

You send a code. They check-in. It's that easy.

Sample list of check-in events.

Create your Youhere event code.

Start by picking out a unique name for your check-in event.

Sample page showing how to configure a check-in event.

Set your check-in location and times.

Pin a location your participants should check-in from, and create time slots for check-ins.

Map showing a pinned check-in location. The check-in time selection menu

Send out the code, and start monitoring.

Send your Youhere event code to your participants, and let them check themselves in using the Youhere mobile app.

The Youhere mobile-app event-enrollnment screen.

All your events and participants, in one place.

Manage your check-in events and export auto-generated, ready-to-use attendance reports -- all on a single page.

Sample list of check-in events.

Educators, teachers, trainers, seminar leaders, continuing ed., etc.

The Youhere app can also handle in-class voting and multiple choice exams. See the "Uses" dropdown in the page header.

A sample bar graph.

Who uses Youhere?

Youhere is used by educators, organizers, facilitators, and anyone who wants to take attendance the easy way.




Medical offices


Greek life

Gym owners

Conference organizers

Store managers

Band directors