Attendance made easy.

Youhere is an app-based attendance service, where your participants check-in with their phones.

Imagine paperless and accurate attendance of any sized group in seconds.

No more
Paper sign-in sheets
Calling one-by-one names
Manual attendance entry into your computer
With Youhere
Paperless, "tap to check-in" attendance
Participants check themselves in
Instant, electronic attendance reports

How it works

We'll show you a map. On it, you draw an area where you need your participants to be.

Picture of a map with a red circle drawn on it

Using our app, each of your participants taps a "check in" button using their phone. The app will determine if they're within your needed area at check-in time. That's it!

We make attendance quick and easy.

Teachers, coaches, conference organizers, store managers, gatekeepers, fraternities/sororities, band directors, seminar and training leaders are all taking attendance using Youhere. You can too!

To do list, that crossed out all tedious aspects of taking attendance

Try it with your group for free. You'll see how accountability can be added to any gathering, and that attendance can become part of your regular plan. Youhere easily handles awkward locations and groups of all sizes. Unsupervised attendance also works.