Teachers. Coaches. Group leaders. Managers.

Youhere is an app-based attendance service.

Have your participants "check-in" with their phones.

Use Youhere for quick and automated attendance of your group.

No more calling out names. No more paper sign-in sheets.

GPS, beacon, video, and timed attendance options available.

Large groups or awkward locations easily handled.

What type of attendance do you need?

  • GPS-based attendance

    1. Geofence your needed location (classroom, practice field, etc.).

    For a participant to check-in, the App must determine that their phone is within your geofence.
  • 2. Have your participants (students, etc.) install our free app.

    (or send your students to: youhere.org/app)

  • 3. Your participants use the app to "check-in" and...

  • ...either they're there...

  • ...or they're not.

  • We'll keep records for you.