Teachers. Coaches. Group leaders. Docents.

Youhere is an automated, GPS-based attendance service.

Have your students "check-in" with their phones.

Large classes? No problem.

Calling names from a roll sheet? No more.

Unusual location? Easy.

Students learning from home? We have options.

Try it on yourself!

How does it work?

  • 1. Geofence your needed location (classroom, practice field, etc.).

  • 2. Have your participants (students, etc.) install our free app.

    Get it on Google Play

    (or send your students to: youhere.org/app)

  • 3. Your participants use the app to "check-in" and...

  • ...either they're there...

  • ...or they're not.

  • 4. We'll keep records for you.

  • Does it work?

    Yes. The location ability of today's phones is good enough to place a student carrying it at (or very near) your meeting point (classroom, practice field, etc.). Try it.
  • 4 steps to attendance...

    1. You: Make an account here then create a class (configure your geofence, etc.).
    2. Students: Download our 100% free app (https://youhere.org/app) and use it to enroll in your class .
    3. Students: Start checking into your class, using the app.
    4. You: Use attendance records compiled under your account.

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