Teachers. Coaches. Group leaders. Docents.

Automate class attendance.

Have students "check in" with their phones.

Large classes? No problem. Calling names from roll sheets? No more.

Try it on yourself!

How does it work?

  • 1. Set an inclusion zone for your attendance.

  • 2. Each student installs our app.

    Get it on Google Play

    (or send your students to: youhere.org/app)

  • 3. In class, they "check in" and...

  • ...either they're here...

  • ...or they're not.

  • 4. We'll keep records for you.

  • Does it work?

    Yes. The location ability of today's phones is good enough to place a student carrying it in (or very near) your meeting point (classroom, etc.). Try it.

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